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Specialist in buffing and scratch removal on: Elevators, Kitchen appliances, MIrror finish columns, Fixtures, Chemical splash marks, Stove Tops, Refrigerators, pretty much anything that has a regular, non-coated Stainless steel surface.

Some of our biggest clients

Dolphins, Hard Rock Stadium / Otis Elevator / Duke Cancer Center / Norment Security Group / Detention centers in Wake and Guilford counties N.C.

Custom sink from old to new
Air vent cover
Mirror finish railing
Escalator before
Hard Rock Stadium Buffing

We use Non-chemical greaseless buffing compounds eliminating harsh odors and customer complaints while working on elevators. 

We offer monthly, quarterly, and annual buffing service agreements at discounted prices for multiple facilities. Hotels & Resorts rely on our services to keep their elevators and metal columns up to customer expectations. 

One of our biggest buffing jobs was the exterior escalators at the Dolphins, Hard Rock Stadium. We removed 6 years of rust and stains from 8 escalators, from top to bottom. We use a proprietary, non abrasive chemical that removes the rust and tarnish from the top layer of stainless steel bringing back the shine. 

Scratch removal
Foot rail from old to new
Mirror finish column
Escalator after
Buffing rust removal Hard Rock Stadium