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Stainless Steel Joe is a custom metal shop focused on design, fabrication, and installation of one of a kind metal art pieces. We offer a wide selection of decorative metals, Metal Art sculptures, Landscape Art, Wall Art, and themed art spaces. All of our metal art pieces are one of a kind, handmade specifically for my customers.   

I have a lifetime of metal working experience and have always been inspired by art & architecture, especially large public sculptures so moving from fabrication to metal art was natural. While living in N.C. I had the opportunity to work with several prominent metal artists. I learned a lot from those artists in a short amount of time due to my background. 

Developing my own Artistic style is the part that I like the most, constantly evolving into different types of metal art work is an education and a journey.

When I Look at some of your prominent metal artists who have been doing this for a long time I understand the passion to create that comes from inside of you. There is no time limit on creativity, just the longing to create something the rest of the world will become inspired by opening up their creativity. 

Joseph Panico 

Wired One Metal Sculptor
By Christian Bernard Gallery Miami
Cat Railing
Snake Curtain Rod
Artist Christian Bernard Gallery
Bar Front Sunrise
Atomic Age Art
Atomic Age Art
wall Art
Wired Two Metal Sculptor
Artist Rendering Christian Bernard Gallery
Metal Art
Freya Artistic Railings
Cat Railing
Artist Rendering Christian Bernard Gallery
Geisha Railing
Hand Made Flowers
Snake Curtain Rod
Bar Front
Fireplace Covers
Wall Panel
Fireplace Screen
Themed Art
Wall Art